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Canceled Too Soon – Caprica

Steve Porter / February 4, 2017

Caprica is a unique piece of work. It’s classified via its wikipedia page as, get ready for this, “A science fiction-serial drama-family saga-cyberpunk-philosophical piece of fiction.” But for real, trust when we say it’s all of that and then some. Caprica has an IMDB rating of 7.1 out of 10 from nearly 21,000 votes and metacritic has it scored virtually identical. The series was created by Remi Aubuchon and Ronald D. Moore. The show ran for a single 19-episode season, airing it’s first episode on January 22nd, 2010, on the Syfy Network and it’s last episode on November 30th that same year.



The series is set on a idyllic planet named Caprica. It focused on the lives of two families, the Adams and the Greystones, during the advent of a new humanoid artificial intelligence technology known as the Cylons, whom would eventually turn on the very humans that created them. The tech breakthrough causes unexpected events to transpire, rocking the once peaceful planet of Caprica to its core.  A father and head of a technology giant lost a daughter in a terrorist attack and he uses his innumerable wealth and resources to attempt to bring her back.



Eric Stoltz plays Daniel Graystone; The husband of Amanda and father to Zoe.



Esai Morales as Joseph Adama; The father of William and Tamara.



Paula Malcomson as Amanda Graystone; the wife of Daniel and mother of Zoe.



Alessandra Torresani plays Zoe Graystone; The Daughter of Daniel and Amanda.



Sasha Roiz plays Sam Adama; the brother of Joseph.



This is a spin-off-prequel of the smash hit BattleStar Galactica, takes place 50 years before the time period of Battlestar. Blood lines introduced in Battlestar can be traced back to characters on Caprica, such as the father and uncle of William Adama from Battlestar. Although the show is a spin off while being a prequel, co-creator Ronald D. Moore was adamant that the series needed to differ significantly from its predecessor. Moore is quoted as stating, “You can’t try and repeat the formula, everything about Caprica was designed specifically to not repeat what we had done in Galactica.” Battlestar took place on ships/far off places and in space while Caprica focused heavily on a planet and society on the brink of it all.  



Caprica was something special, it had great writing, solid acting, impeccable camera work, and overall stunning visuals. The show was welcomed and endorsed by fans across the genre. Sadly, Caprica seemed to be fighting an uphill battle for the entire length of its run. Viewers missed out on an episode during the Olympics, and after that, it was nearly impossible to get them to come back. It’s sad that the show never got the exposure it deserved, it’s tragic really. This was a breath of fresh air in a genre that is overly saturated. It was a fresh take and new spin on stuff that we’ve been seeing for the last 50+ years and it worked really well. It’s just a fracking shame, it could’ve been something great.