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Cancer Patient Gets Wish Granted – Blows Stuff Up!

Shelby Chau / December 17, 2016

As of August 2015, the WWE’s very own poster boy, John Cena, holds the record for the most fulfilled wishes by any single person – an astonishingly high and awe-inspiring 500. That’s a whole lotta wishes Mr. Cena, it’s pretty amazing. Also, despite all his shortcomings and social faux-pas, Canadian singer Justin Bieber has participated in granting 250 wishes himself which is commendable and nothing to scoff at.


The Make-A-Wish foundation does amazing things to bring joy to children and their families in the most trying of times and the organization has collectively granted well over 250,000 wishes.  


Normally, when we hear about the Make-A-Wish foundation, it’s something along the lines of “Jimmy has a rare disease and likely won’t make it, but he loves such and such celebrity so we set up a meeting to make Jimmy’s dreams come true!” Well, this story is a little different, okay, it’s actually a lot different.



A 12-year old Australian boy named Declan, whose Leukaemia is currently in remission, had one simple request: no Bieber, and no Cena, he just wanted to “blow stuff up.” So Make-A-Wish and the Australian Federal Police teamed up to make it a reality. He was taken to the Specialist Response Group (SRG) headquarters in the Majura district of Canberra and ran drills, detonated explosive charges, and learned about safe practices in regards to working with explosives.


Sergeant Peter Murphy, a member of the SRG Tactical Response team, guided Delcan through his training and said, “He’s got an aptitude for this.”