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Cee Lo Green’s Gold Outfit Sparks Memes

Ben Migono / February 13, 2017

Last night at the Grammy’s, there were lots of outfits that were memorable, but were as memorable as Cee Lo Green’s gold outfit, or should we say Gnarly Davidson.



Singer, rapper and producer, Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, better known as Cee Lo Green started out as a member of Goodie Mob, a Southern hip hop group. In 1999, he formed a soul duo with producer Danger Mouse, Gnarls Barkley, who recorded and produced the successful 2006 hit, ‘Crazy’.


Now at age 42, the ‘Forget You’ singer showed up at the 2017 Grammy Awards decked out in a strange gold outfit and it had a lot of people talking about it. Apparently, the story behind the weird ensemble is because that wasn’t exactly Cee Lo Green. He revealed weeks earlier to XXL about his new persona, Gnarly Davidson and also confirmed it yesterday when he pointed people toward his Gnarly Davidson Twitter account.



Gnarly Davidson quickly trended all over the internet with users coming up with some funny comparisons and memes. Here’s some of the best ones we’ve found.


An Angry Ferrero Rocher


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Cee-3PO from Star Wars



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A New Star Wars Character



Golden Snitch from Harry Potter


Golden snitch head ass

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Trump featuring Cee Lo Green


These are great ? (#rp @larenmcjesse)

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The Bronze Kneecap from Fairly OddParents


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A New Avengers Character


Newest Avenger: Ceelo Green ??? #marvel #ceelogreen #avengers

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All The Power Rangers References



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Xerxes from 300


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When You Are The Award


Bruh, Cee-Lo wanted to be a meme so bad #grammys #ceelogreen #wtf

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Cee Lo Green as The Thing


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Cee Lo Green as Frieza from Dragon Ball


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The New KFC Georgia Gold Commercial


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Drake Wears Cee Lo as a Gold Chain


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Cee Lo Green as Goldust



Expectations vs. Reality


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Goldmember’s Offspring



The internet is a very cruel place, but it’s also so creative, brilliant and hilarious.