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Check Out Bose’s Incredible Electromagnetic Suspension System

Steve Porter / December 2, 2016

It could have been the best thing for your car. It would have made your ride feel like a dream, like you’re gliding along in a magic carpet ride. Sadly, this never became a commercial reality.


Let’s start at the beginning. It was dubbed Project Sound, Bose’s attempt at revolutionizing a car’s suspension system. It was 24 years in the making, and the results were incredible as you can see in the video.


Cars are known for their rocky motion when going over bumps and hills, but with the Bose suspension system, the car doesn’t rock at all – just scroll to 1:05 in the video and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Is this even real life? Now, if that wasn’t cool enough, they even had a springy feature that allowed cars to jump over obstacles on the road (see 1:31 in the video). While it was never intended to make it to a commercially-sold vehicle, the demo was impressive.



Source: youtube (CNET)


So why don’t we have this in our cars right now? Unfortunately, the system was deemed too heavy and too expensive for automakers like Honda, Mercedes, Jaguar, and even Ferrari. For what it’s worth, they all said it was the best-riding car they’ve ever been in.


For now, you won’t get a smoother ride than this demo car, but if you’re a truck driver, you could get the Bose Ride installed in your rig for those long journeys. It’s not a whole suspension system, but it’s better than nothing!



Featured image via youtube (CNET)