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Check Your Cuisinart Food Processor, It Might Be Recalled

Diana Rolland / January 4, 2017

That’s exactly what you need right? A metal blade inside your hummus. That’s the reasoning behind the latest recall announcement from Cuisinart, this time it has to do with how their blades were designed for some of their food processors.


On the the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website for the recall, it’s stated that the riveted blade can crack over time, and once this happens, it poses a laceration threat to consumers as small, sharp metal pieces could be left hidden in the processed food.


Here’s an image of what a chip/crack could look like.



Can you imagine swallowing a sharp metal blade? *shivers*


Currently, the recall affects 8 million units, but just how big of a deal is this? Well, the communications director for the CPSC, Scoot Wolfson, sent out a tweet:



Largest recall for a kitchen appliance in history. Wow. It appears that twenty-two models are affected (check here if yours is included), and would include models that sold for $100 to $350 and were sold between July 1996 and December 2015. The problem lies with the blade and only ones that have four rivets.  


At the time of the recall, Conair, Cuisinart’s parent company, said they received 69 reports of people finding broken metal pieces in their processed food and 30 of those suffered lacerations or tooth injuries as a result.


While this may put a damper on your holiday cooking, just be glad you won’t be serving sharp metal to your guests this holiday season.


Featured image via digitaltrends