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Could We Really See A Mayweather And McGregor Fight?

Arin Spits / January 2, 2017

In the 90’s and early 2000’s, the only form of combat sports you would find on television was boxing, and the occasional martial arts competition. The UFC has been around since then, but at the time it was limited to live events, shady VHS tapes, or DVD’s sold out of the trunks of cars at the edge of a flea market and/or mall parking lot. When Dana White took over the company, he set out to legitimize it, reshape the structure of fights, weight classes, and rules. Since the takeover, the company has become the dominant name in the industry of mixed martial arts and has seemingly taken precedence over the one-time sports king – boxing.



There are arguably no bigger names in the worlds of boxing and MMA than that of Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Conor “The Notorious” McGregor. The two have been at odds as of late after both have taken jabs at one another over social media and to different publications and tabloids. It stands to reason that if they were to go toe-to-toe, the fight would have to be similar to a classic boxing match. While both fighters have experience in hand-to-hand combat, both do not have equal and comparable experience when it comes to ground technique and martial arts. In a skills matchup, Conor stands a better chance in a boxing match than Mayweather does in a fight that also allows kicking and grappling. So, would McGregor stand a chance? Let’s look at the numbers to see if we can get a better idea of how this fight would go down.  


Source: Sportsnet


They share many similarities, both physically and in terms of personality. Both men are loud, boisterous, and the term “cocky” could be applied to either of them. McGregor is 5ft 9in while Mayweather is 5ft 8in. McGregor weighs in at 155 lbs while Mayweather is around 150 lbs. McGregor has a reach of 74 inches and Mayweather’s is slightly less at 72 inches. McGregor is 28-years old while Mayweather is just months away from celebrating his 40th birthday. At the time of writing, McGregor has a record of 24 wins with 3 losses while Mayweather has a phenomenally impressive 49 wins with 0 losses – 26 of those wins coming by way of KO. Yup, Mayweather has won more fights by knockout than the amount of fights McGregor has had in total.



So does McGregor stand a chance in a boxing match against the undefeated Mayweather? Of course there’s a chance, but it’s a slim one at that. Be honest with yourself, do you think he’s as good, if not better, with his hands then Mayweather? I think not. McGregor has rounded out all aspects of his physicality to benefit an MMA fighter while Mayweather has spent 20+ years training with his hands to be a boxer. That’s another element that’s never been discussed if these two were to get into a ring. Would they be using regulation boxing gloves or MMA-style mitts? What about forgoing hand coverings altogether and go to town with bare knuckles only? It’s an interesting proposition. Many fights have claimed to be the “Fight of the Century”, but this fight is poised to take that crown and wear it. A matchup like this could see both fighters netting figures far beyond their wildest dreams.

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