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Create Spotify Playlists With Friends In Messenger

Arin Spits / June 26, 2017

Spotify introduced a Messenger bot earlier in the year that allowed friends to share song clips with one another. Well, just recently, the music streaming service has expanded on their bot’s functionality to allow friends to create playlists together via Messenger – and the cool thing here is that everyone in the group doesn’t have to be on Spotify.


Simply called Group Playlists for Messenger, users can access the feature through their current Messenger app. Start by tapping on the blue [+] symbol in your mobile phone’s chatbox within Messenger, find Spotify in the list of choices, then you can create your ‘ultimate playlist.’ To start one though, you’ll need to connect to Sportify first, meaning you need to be a member. Once connected, click the “Create”/”Create Group Playlist” button, assign a new name to the playlist, then you send it into your group chat. Other people in the chat will see a preview and an option to add songs of their own to the list.



As mentioned before, anyone in the group – regardless if they’re a member or not – will be able to add songs to the playlist. However, if they’re not members, they will only be able to preview the playlist, to listen in full, they’ll need to download and register an account with Spotify.


It’s actually a pretty cool feature which could increase their user base as more and more people start sharing playlists in Messenger. What do you think?


Featured image via techcrunch