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DC Universe Streaming Service Offers TV, Movies, Comics, and More

Steve Porter / July 6, 2018

These days, cable sounds like a great deal. After all, can we really afford another streaming service? We already have Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, and HBO Go; Disney is planning to launch a new streaming service featuring tribute from across their vast empire, including new shows from Marvel and Star Wars. Who’s next?

DC is rolling out a new one-stop ship for all of your super-hero needs, DC Universe. While no one really wants to fork over the dough for another streaming service, DC has created a unique program that features exclusive new series, a library of classic shows and movies, digital comics, and merchandising opportunities. This is a new approach to digital streaming that offers something for both new viewers and dedicated fans.

Not only will DC Universe feature original programming, starting with the live-action Titans and animated Young Justice: Outsiders, it also offers a vast selection of movies and TV shows based on DC properties. These include films, movies, shows, and animated programming. The really cool thing about DC Universe is that you can watch The Dark Knight or Teen Titans and then read the original comics. DC Universe has a native reader for digital comics and the service will suggest related series and issues to your favorite shows.

As an added bonus, subscribers can access and contribute to a DC Encyclopedia and receive exclusive merchandizing opportunities for toys and collectibles. We’ll see if this unique combination of features can attract new subscribers. Interested viewers can sign up for the DC Universe Beta this August. DC Universe will be available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, web, and mobile.