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Delta Kicks Guy Off Flight For Speaking Arabic – Fake Or Real?

Arin Spits / January 5, 2017

By now you should’ve heard the story that has ignited a social media storm after a man and his friend was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight after allegedly speaking Arabic on the phone with his mother while on the plane.



Alright, first things first. The guy that got kicked off the flight was Adam Saleh, a notorious YouTube prankster who already has YouTube prank videos taking place on a plane. In terms of getting the facts, all we see is Adam and his friend Slim Alabher in the aisle already in the process of getting kicked off the plane. But what happened before that? He says he was talking to his mom on the phone, but redditor Chain187 claims differently.



In this reddit thread, he says that Adam and his friend were on the plane, but neither were on the phone. Slim was shouting in Arabic, after being instructed by Adam to do so, and this is what started making other passengers uneasy. Here’s one Facebook user that says the same and another. However, unless there’s video proof, it’s just a matter of ‘he said she said’ – and there’s already enough of that going around.


So, now we get into the grey area. If someone is making a disturbance on a plane before a flight, is it grounds to kick them off the plane? Probably. It’s happened before, like so, but this particular passenger refused to follow rules for boarding the plane. This guy went on a pro-Trump rant before a flight, but he was allowed to stay on. Delta later banned him from their planes after realizing their mistake.


Do disturbers get warnings? Should they? Perhaps Delta quietly enforced a zero tolerance policy and Saleh and Alabher just picked the wrong airline to mess with – especially after their most recent incidents with unruly passengers.


As it stands now, Saleh is fighting an uphill battle. As more and more people speak up about the incident, the more it favors Delta. Yes, Saleh is mad he got kicked off a plane – was racism at play? Maybe, but we’ll never know. If Saleh is falsely claiming racism, he may have done more harm than good to those fighting actual racism.