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Denmark’s New Power Plant Has Rooftop Ski Slope

Ben Migono / February 22, 2017

Get you a power plant that can do both!


This might seem like an odd pairing, but Denmark is building a new state of the art power station with a ski slope on top. Currently under construction, located in Copenhagen, the Copenhill / Amager Bakke will replace the 45 year old existing power plant.



This new building is designed as a multi-purpose plant that provides energy and waste treatment, a leisure facility, as well as an architectural landmark to showcase the innovation and technology of Denmark. The Copenhill / Amager Bakke is part of Denmark’s plans to make its capital the first zero-carbon city by the year 2025.


It will be located near the airport and close to Copenhagen’s Town Hall Square and will be very visible and accessible with its roof-wide ski slope available to the public. This will be one of the longest artificial slopes in the world with a 440 meter slope from the roof of the plant. It will feature 3 skiing lines with varied difficulty and will also feature a 180 meter black run.


The roof top slope will have moving carpets, as opposed to traditional ski lifts, and there will be elevator access within the plant to take snowboarders and skiers to the highest point.



This waste-to-energy power plant will be one of Europe’s best performing plant when it comes to energy efficiency, and it’s capacity to treat waste. The waste will be burned for power and will be able to provide heating for at least 120,000 households, and supply electricity for 50,000 homes.


The metal waste will be recycled and recovered, amounting to approximately 10,000 tonnes of reusable metal, and roughly 100 million tonnes of bottom ash will be re-purposed as road material. The plant will also reduce sulphur emissions, and recover millions of litres of spare water.



This new plant may be the future of power generation and environmental standards for the rest of the world.