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Disney Drops Teaser Trailer for Dumbo

Eric Walker / June 14, 2018

Disney has revealed a teaser trailer for the upcoming live action remake of Dumbo, and we’re not sure what to think. The original film is a “heartwarming” story about abused circus animals riddled with racism and drug-fueled hallucinations…so is this really the movie that Disney wants to remake in 2019?

To be fair, we don’t have a lot to go on from the trailer: we get our first look at the CGI version of the title elephant and he’s pretty cute—even if his eyes are a little uncanny—and has the necessary oversized ears. Dumbo is seemingly rescued by circus performer Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) and his obligatory children, Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe (Finely Hobbins). We get flashes of Dumbo’s tragic past and a glitzy circus, but given that this film is directed by Tim Burton we expected….more.

Disney’s official synopsis tells us a little more. Apparently, Dumbo’s recruited to join a circus called Dreamland alongside an aerial artist, Collete Marchant (Eva Green). Naturally, it turns out that Dreamland is full of “dark secrets.” We can only hope that the film will condemn the use of wild animals in the circus. Circus animals are often subject to horrendous abuse, separated from their family and their natural habitat, whipped, beaten, and forced to perform for our amusement. Hopefully, Dumbo won’t gloss over the pain and suffering that’s an integral part of a traditional circus.

Dumbo will be in theaters March 2019. Take a look at the teaser trailer and keep your fingers crossed.