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More Details Emerge About Disney’s New Streaming Service

Jonathan Tao / August 30, 2018

Disney is planning on launching their own streaming service in 2019, and new details have emerged that provide an inkling of potential pricing for potential subscribers.

Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger called their unnamed streaming service the media titan’s “biggest priority” in 2019 in Variety. (But can they give this thing a name yet? We’re tired of calling it ‘Disney’s streaming service.’) He also indicated that viewers could sign up for less than the cost of a Netflix account. Netflix now ranges from $7.99 for basic subscribers to $13.99 for the premium tier, meaning that the competing service should cost less than eight bucks. That’s a pretty good deal for Disney’s vault of films and children’s programming—especially when you include the big draws of Marvel and Star Wars.

Iger claimed that the new service won’t be driven by volume—like Netflix—but by quality branded content specific to the company’s range of attractive properties. This will include original programming like the live-action remake of Sword in the Stone, live-action Star Wars show, and a new Marvel series. Disney’s streaming platform will also provide exclusive access to Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars blockbusters after they leave theaters, like Captain Marvel, The Lion King, and Frozen 2. No more cable rights—you’ll have to sign up for “Disney Reruns.

Disney is working hard on building a stunning roster of films and television from some of the most entertaining franchises in the world. For less than eight bucks, count us in.