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Even In Sports, Family Comes First

Ben Migono / November 9, 2016

You may remember the Brownlee brothers from the 2016 Rio Olympics where Alistair, 28, and Jonathan (aka Jonny), 26, finished 1-2 to win the gold and silver, respectively, in the men’s triathlon.


Well, the same brothers made headlines again, only this time it was much more dramatic.


At the World Triathlon Series finale in Cozumel, Mexico, Jonny was leading the race with only 700 meters left when heat stroke started to set in. He was weaving through the course and was visibly dazed and confused, eventually stopping at the side of the road.


Source: youtube (ITU World Triathlon)

Source: youtube (ITU World Triathlon)


Henri Schoeman of South Africa was in second place while Alistair was in a close third. Rather than try and overtake Schoeman, Alistair instead decided to help carry his brother to the finish line, even pushing him ahead for a second place finish.


Jonny needed to win the race and have Mario Mola of Spain finish no better than 4th place in order to secure the overall title. Jonny was in second place behind Mola heading into the final race. The brothers pushed hard in the swim and bike portions of the event to give Jonny a good shot at the title, but it didn’t end the way he expected.


Mola, who crossed the line in fifth place, finished with a total of 4,819 points in the standings. Jonny ended up with 4,815 points with his second place finish, just four points behind Mola.


Jonny is okay, but he was taken to the hospital after the race as a precautionary measure.



Featured image via youtube (ITU World Triathlon)