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Facebook Enters Video Game Streaming Arena

Steve Porter / March 22, 2017

Facebook is taking their livestreaming platform to the next level, expanding the service to allow users to stream live right from their desktop PCs or laptops. Since last year, users were able to livestream from mobile devices, now PC and laptop users can use the same functionality to share their activities.


However, when they made the announcement today, they specifically called out gamers, a move that is undoubtedly directed at game streaming giant, Twitch.  The option is now live for all Facebook users, and the option can be found when you try to make a post. A “Live Video” button can now be selected whether you’re in your newsfeed or timeline view. You’ll be able to share the stream to Facebook Pages, Events, and Groups.


Source: techcrunch


Facebook allows you to go live with the ability to insert your own graphics, overlays, and titles. One word of caution is advised and that’s to never share your stream key. If it’s made available, anyone who has access to the key can use it to stream video to your post. If you want to live dangerously, sure, but don’t do it.


What do you think? Will you use the Facebook Live Video option for your streaming needs?


Featured image via facebook