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Feast Your Eyes On This Giant, Inflatable Waterpark

Arin Spits / December 13, 2016

The things money can buy – amiright?


It seems like there’s a lot of money in Dubai, so why not spend it on a giant, inflatable beachside waterpark? It’s called the dubaiTAG, the first of its kind and was manufactured by a German-based company called Wibit Sports.



It measures 77 meters (252 feet) long and 35 meters (115 feet) wide, consists of 100 modular components that actually spell out DUBAI in both English (read left to right) and Arabic (right to left). Cool! Not only that, but it’s also consistent with Dubai Tourism’s new logo.



Source: designboom


If you want to hold the best water-themed, party, you and 199 other guests can enjoy this waterpark all at the same time. You can jump, swing, climb, slide – and it’s all safe because the structure complies to state-of-the-art safety standards and the park itself is constructed using an extra-thick PVC material.


The dubaiTAG was installed in the waters of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and was seen as a way to promote travel and tourism in Dubai.



It might be working because I suddenly have an urge to go swimming!


It’s too bad they didn’t spell Dubai properly when they posted the video.




Oh wait, looks they made a new one.



Featured image via designboom