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Flyboard Air Lets You Fly like the Green Goblin

Ben Migono / December 19, 2016

We’ve all wanted the ability to fly. Especially as a kid, that’s something you always wished you could do. Well, this is probably the closest technological advancement in existence that can let you fly.


No, it’s not an Iron Man suit, but it’s a personal flight system, which kind of functions like what the Green Goblin uses in The Amazing Spider-Man.



It’s called the Flyboard Air and it was created and developed by former jet ski racing champion, Franky Zapata. Founder of Zapata, Franky was originally working on and finished personal water crafts that were also the world’s fastest.


He then started Flyboard as a kickstarter project in 2012, which created the field of hydroflight, which is still in very early stages of its development.



Today, the Flyboard air is now the most reliable, safest, fastest, lightest, and most affordable personal flight system ever.


The technology involves the use of six jet engines, each running on kerosene, and can fly a person up to 155 miles per hour, reaching an altitude of just over 3 miles.


Zapata’s technology is now being used commercially in developmental works within the industrial, military and medical sectors. In fact, the U.S. military has already ordered some in the coming year.



So, I guess the ability to fly is not so crazy as we once thought.


For more information, check out the Zapata website here.