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Fox Creators Blast Their Bosses Over Coverage of Migrant Children at the Border

Diana Rolland / June 21, 2018

Fox TV and FOX News have always been strange bedfellows.

FOX News promotes a conservative viewpoint and, these days, is serving as an uncritical mouthpiece for the current administration. Fox TV has always featured a more diverse range of shows, including The Simpsons and Family Guy that lampoon FOX News on air. Other shows, like Modern Family, seem like a strange fit for the network. But it’s rare that the writers, producers, and creators that work for Fox attack their own network—until now.

Fox creators have been forced to speak out against their own bosses over the past few weeks in response to how FOX News has handled the migrant children separated from their parents at the U.S. border. This is a policy of deliberate cruelty designed to deter illegal immigrants from coming to the U.S. by stealing their children and locking them up in detention centers. If you don’t know all the details about what’s going in at the border, check out this explainer from Vox.

FOX News has tried to avoid criticizing this policy, defending President Trump and likening the detention centers to summer camps and boarding schools. They’re not. Innocent children, even babies, are ripped away from their parents and placed in cages. Senators, Congressmen, and religious leaders on both sides of the aisle have called for President Trump to put a stop to this vicious policy.

For many creators that work for the network, FOX News has finally gone too far. Fox’s leading creators like Seth McFarlane (Family Guy, The Orville) have pushed back against FOX News commentators on Twitter.

Steve Levitan, the co-showrunner for Modern Family, joined McFarlane in calling out his bosses.

We can only hope that these creators continue to speak out—or find a better home at Disney, given that it looks like Disney is going to buy 20th Century Fox. That might be better for everyone.