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From A Subway Platform To Cutting It Up With James Corden

Arin Spits / November 7, 2016

Here’s your daily dose of feel good entertainment! Cellphone footage from a New York subway platform exploded across the Internet in early September. It shows Mike Yung belting out his rendition of the classic ballad “Unchained Melody”. The platform’s acoustics complemented Yung’s powerful vocals to the point of giving the viewers chills. One could only imagine the raw energy that must have been surging through everyone who had the pleasure of witnessing it live.


When a video goes viral, there’s no telling whose doorstep it will end up on. It could be Ellen, Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel. This time though, it was none other than the music-loving James Corden. Check out Mike’s appearance on “The Late Late Show” in the video below:



Mike clearly stole the stage with that performance! Wow, did he ever deliver. So much passion and heart, and that voice! Raw, unfiltered, unprocessed, – just pure talent.


Mr. Yung’s voice is nothing new to New Yorkers that frequent the station at 23rd and 6th Avenue. This is how he makes his living, relying on the kindness of strangers. At one point in his life, Mr. Yung had a contract and mentorship with producer & writer Teddy Vann (Power of love) when he was just 15. Sadly, after years of waiting for his big break, the label he was signed to went belly up.


To make ends meet, Yung has sung with a handful of groups, both gospel and soul, as well as what we all know him for, busking in the subway and on the street. In an interview with Pitchfork Yung says, “Nothing came of that [the record deal]. But you continue to do what you can do to pay your bills and keep your head from going insane.


Hopefully, thanks to the Internet he can find his way to a new record contract so he can devote more time to his music and be appropriately compensated. Who wouldn’t love to hear this guy on the radio or see his songs on iTunes? So share the video around guys and gals, let’s get Mike that record deal he so very much deserves!


Featured image via Youtube (The Late Late Show with James Corden)