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Games With Gold For September

Steve Porter / September 30, 2016

One of the best perks of having an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership is the fact that twice a month you’re offered 2 free games! That’s 2 Xbox One games and 2 Xbox 360 games! That’s quite the deal as with each game for those systems costing on average $50, you’re getting upwards of $200 worth of free games per month. That’s also not including the massive discounts offered to Gold members when you want to purchase a game.


The fact that Microsoft is working towards making the Xbox One completely backwards compatible means that most of the games offered for Xbox 360 users can also be downloaded onto and played through your Xbox One! With school starting up again there is no better way to unwind after a full day of listening to teachers and dealing with stress like kicking up your feet and relaxing with some FREE VIDEO GAMES. Yes, there is a subscription fee of $60 a year or $5 bucks a month – the fee is old news, but free games have only been thing for the last 18 months.


Mirror’s Edge – 11/11/2008



Set in a futuristic, dystopian world, you play as Faith. A “runner” whose job it is to act as a courier that transmits messages while using her skills as a free runner to evade agents of a totalitarian government. Brightly coloured urban landscapes are your playground. Scale buildings, wall run, slide, shimmy, and dodge attackers. This fast-paced, three-dimensional first person action adventure platformer-esque experience is something you won’t soon forget.


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China – 04/21/2015



This 2.5D side-scrolling platformer offers all the elements a fan of the AC games has become accustomed to. It’s the first entry into the Chronicles series of the popular franchise. Like ‘Mirror’s Edge’ there is an element of freerunning & acrobatics that is coupled with the franchise’s familiar stealth mechanics. This game features the first female protagonist in the series, Shao Jun. Battle a Templar group through popular landmarks like The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, Macau, and Nan’an.


Forza Horizon – 10/23/2012



Climb into the driver’s seat and explore the open-road adventure that is the “Horizon Festival” set in Colorado. 300 vehicles, spot on physics and HD graphics. You progress by winning races for which you receive wristbands. Increase your popularity by driving fast, causing destruction, and generally just pushing the limits. Over 60 variations in terrain, off-roading, drag racing, drifting, and classic lap-based track styled races. So download the game, grab some friends, and see who the king of the road really is.


Earthlock: Festival Of Magic – 09/01/2016



Snowcastle Games, a Norwegian developer, introduces this role-playing game launched exclusively on digital marketplaces across all the major platforms. Gameplay is nonlinear, turn-based battle oriented. Combat teams consist of 2 people: a Warrior and a Protector. In the world of Umbra, a cataclysm occurs which stops the rotation of the planet, leaving half the planet to bake in constant sunlight while the other half is left frozen in darkness. You play as Amon, a Scavenger who gets entangled in a troublesome conflict with the evil Suvian Empire.


Featured image via: Xbox