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Glass Windows Can Turn Corners and Hide In Walls

Diana Rolland / March 16, 2017

This Swiss group designs unbelievable glass windows that can hide, slide, and turn corners. Founded in 1989 by Eric Joray, and based out of Saint-Aubin-Sauges, in Switzerland, they’ve created the Vitrocsa Invisible Wall.


Joray and the Vitrocsa team believes in pure simplicity with their ‘less is more’ philosophy. Joray wanted to design windows that optimized space, and minimized the need for anything else, like bulky rails, and window frames.



The Vitrocsa Invisible Wall boasts the slimmest sight lines in the world in their floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing for more sunlight to enter the room, and to create a more open feel.


Using this special curtain wall technology, these sliding glass doors can turn corners, and maneuver around sharp angles and slide extremely smoothly. The windows use rollers that fit on these minimalistic tracks using stainless steel ball bearings.



These sliding window panels can also slide into the walls, and be absolutely hidden. This creates an entirely open space.


Besides the sliding system, Vitrocsa has also designed other innovative styles of invisible walls, such as the curved version, a pivoting structure and the guillotine.



Not only are these windows beautifully and strategically designed, but they’re also built to last. In fact, they require no maintenance, have incredible insulating properties, consume low energy, and can withstand hurricane impact.


These are definitely the windows of the future, leading the way for architecture and design.


Featured image via Vitrocsa