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Golden State Wins Big, Takes Lead In NBA Finals Against Cleveland

Ben Migono / June 2, 2017

Two teams, separated by only 1 loss heading into the finals, was supposed to be an epic clash of titans. What happened was anything but. And once again, it was the mighty Golden State Warriors that looked unstoppable.


The Warriors won, easily I might add, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have a lot of soul searching to do before Game 2.



Golden State has now gone 13-0 so far this postseason, another NBA record (how many records do they have now?) and they weren’t even firing on all cylinders. Kevin Durant did the heavy lifting on offensive, pouring in 38 points, grabbing 8 rebounds and dishing out 8 assists. Stephen Curry played Robin to Durant’s Batman and scored 28 points himself with 6 rebounds and 10 assists. They were the only Warrior players to score in double digits.


Cleveland’s big three did their best, but it wasn’t enough. Lebron James had 28 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists, but he also contributed 8 of the team’s 20 turnovers on the night. Kyrie Irving put up 24 points while Kevin Love added 15 points and 21 rebounds.


Let’s not forget that the Cavaliers were blown out in Game 2 last year, and they still ended up winning the series. It’s only Game 1, so this series is far from over!


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