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Google’s Tilt Brush Lets You Paint in 3D

Diana Rolland / January 9, 2017

It’s a new year, full of exciting new inventions, technologies, and new ways to do things. Enter: Google’s Tilt Brush. A new way to create and explore art in 3D.


Tilt Brush is a virtual reality program that lets users paint and sculpt in a fully immersive 3D space. Of course all of the artwork is not visible in reality, but can only be experienced in its true beauty with a Vive headset.



It’s a powerful and revolutionary tool that is expanding the creative minds of artists everywhere, giving the ability not only to sculpt drawings and paintings, but to also be able to walk in and through them.


Google started the Artist in Residence program to develop new features and help better understand and discover the potential of Tilt Brush with the help of a range of artists, animators, cartoonists, painters, dancers, designers and other creators.


You can check out some of the cool stuff that was created here



Tilt Brush requires a virtual reality headset, and two hand held controllers to start painting in 3D with no need for a surface. One controller is used as a palette with options for colors and effects. The other controller can be used as a pen or brush.


Some of the effects you can play around with are different brush strokes, inks, types of splatter, or create stars, light, or fire. You can change the environment of your immersive canvas, take snapshots of your work, use mirror effects to replicate your work on different planes and more.



The idea of 3D art creation all started with former video game developers, Drew Skillman and Patrick Hackett, who came up with the initial developments, after playing around with three-dimensional applications. They had named their project Tilt Brush and in 2015, their company was bought by Google. Tilt Brush grew and expanded with the help and support of Google, hiring a team of developers to bring us to what we see today.


With this exciting new program, Tilt Brush opens doors for new experiences of art and design, as well as new ways of thinking and creating.


Currently, you can try Google’s Tilt Brush for yourself on Steam for the HTC Vive.


Featured image via Google Tilt Brush