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Guess What – Jay Z Changed His Name Again

Arin Spits / July 4, 2017

Why do people feel the need to change their names all the time? I can understand when Chad Johnson decided to change his name to Chad Ochocinco, that was something. Puff Daddy to Diddy, Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion, sometimes these things happen as they get older. But Jay Z has never actually changed his name – just merely how it’s spelled.


And now, he’s back at it again.


This time he’s going the ALL CAPS route and he even added back his hyphen. JAY-Z everybody, remember the name.


He must’ve been on a roll because Beyonce gave him the opportunity to name their twin babies recently (which were rumored to be Shawn Jr and Bea) and he probably reflected on his own name at the time. In 2013, he dropped the infamous hyphen and four years later, he added it back. The all caps must be an indication of how he feels at the moment.



BIG. His latest album 4:44 was released on June 30th, he’s still married to Beyonce, and now has two additional babies to increase the household number to five.


Have you taken a chance to listen to 4:44 on TIDAL yet? Let us know what you think of JAY-Z’s latast album!


Featured image via eonline (Randy Holmes/ABC)