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Guess Who Jonah Hill Asked For Weight Loss Advice

Arin Spits / March 19, 2017

Remember when Jonah Hill was noticeably slimmer in 2011’s Moneyball or 2013’s Wolf of Wall Street? If you did, then you noticed how much bigger he got for his role 2016’s War Dogs. For the movie, he put on nearly 42 pounds to play the character of Efraim Diveroli, an arms dealer.


At his heaviest, the 33-year old actor weighed almost 252 pounds. Well, after shooting finished for War Dogs, Hill turned to a former co-star for advice. That co-star? None other than 21 and 22 Jump Street‘s very own, Channing Tatum.


Source: dailymail (Jonah Hill in War Dogs)


Hill had a simple question. If he ate less and saw a personal trainer, would he get in better shape? He revealed the answer while on the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. So, how did the Magic Mike star respond? Well, he called Hill a dumb motherf*cker said yes, of course, it’s the simplest thing in the world.


Simple in theory, but hard in practice. It’s a good thing Jonah knows a thing or two about dropping weight. He lost 36 pounds for Moneyball, and it wasn’t easy. By seeing a nutritionist, he was forced to change his habits. Apparently, Japanese food was key.


Featured image via theladbible (MEGA)