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He Broke The Twitter Record – And Got a Year of Free Nuggets

Shelby Chau / May 10, 2017

Remember Carter Wilkerson? The kid who asked Wendy’s what it would take to get a year’s worth of free nuggets? Well, it looks like there’s been some developments.



The original request from Wendy’s was for the 16-year old high school student to reach 18 million retweets before he would get a year of sweet, sweet nuggets. And it was a tall order considering there were a few things working against the Reno, Nevada native.


To start off, no one in the history of mankind has gotten more retweets than the one Ellen DeGeneres received for her Oscars selfie. At the time of writing this post, Ellen’s tweet has received “only” 3.4 million retweets. That’s less than 1/5th of the way to Wendy’s goal.



On Tuesday, news broke out that Carter’s tweet finally became the world’s most retweeted post of all-time, currently sitting at 3.5 million retweets in total.



In Wendys’ eyes, the impressive feat was worth it and Wilkerson got his year of free nuggets, plus the company donated $100,000 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.



A year of free nuggets, worldwide recognition, and a Guinness World Record – all for the love of nuggets? What a ride.