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Henry Cavill Shines in Reeves’ Original Superman Costume

Eric Walker / May 7, 2018

This is proof that Henry Cavill could play Superman.

While the DC Extended Universe has struggled to find solid footing, Henry Cavill was still the right man for the role when he made his on-screen debut as Superman in Man of Steel in 2013. Cavill’s dimpled jaw and calm strength made him perfect for the role of the world’s greatest hero. When Cavill was auditioning for the iconic role, Zach Snyder took test shots featuring the actor in a replica of Christopher Reeve’s costume from 1978. Now, the director has released an in-color test shot on social media app Vero, revealing what he showed to Warner executives to convince them that they had the right actor for the role.

“This was the shot I did to show the studio that this was my Superman… they agreed. Got the suit from Warner archives and Henry honored it’s Legacy—Happy birthday, my brother.” – Zach Snyder

Snyder acquired the suit from the Warner Archives to see which actor was right for a role that would, inevitably, face comparison to Christopher Reeve’s legendary performance. Donner’s Superman set a high bar for future interpretations of the character with an ineffable combination of charm, graceful solidity, and good looks. Cavill stepped out of the trailer wearing a replica of the original costume and Snyder knew he had his man.

Snyder was right. Despite their critical drubbing, we’re still fans of Man of Steel and the DCEU. Given that Cavill is still interested, we hope that Man of Steel II finds its way to the silver screen.