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Here’s Why ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Isn’t Playing In Malaysia

Shelby Chau / March 18, 2017

Disney’s live-action remake of their own 1991 animated musical fantasy was recently just released, but one country that won’t be playing it is Malaysia.


Apparently, the Film Censorship Board of the Southeast Asian country felt that more than four minutes of the film were unsuitable – mainly because the footage involved a “gay moment.” Disney actually sent an email to Bloomberg which said that they will not, nor has been, cut for Malaysia. So, instead of having to edit it for the region, they simply said, “No,” and pulled the movie from the country entirely. How’s that for a response?



As for the “gay moment” in question, you may have guessed it would have involved LeFou, Disney’s first gay character, otherwise known as Gaston’s sidekick. While there are hints dropped throughout the movie, director Bil Condon stated that one scene involving LeFou dancing with another man as an “exclusively gay moment.” If the scenes had been cut, the film still would have received a PG-13 rating in Malaysia (it’s rated PG in the US). Well, that’s still not as bad as Russia giving it an adult rating.


LeFou is played by Josh Gad as he follows his captain, Gaston, played by Luke Evans. Emma Watson stars as as Belle while Dan Stevens plays the Beast.