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High Schooler Ends Game With Glass Shattering Dunk

Ben Migono / January 16, 2017


And here it is again with some commentary:


The dunker is Isaiah Banks who plays for Heritage High School in Conyers, Georgia. His breakaway slam was so vicious that he shattered the backboard and he ended the game with it. His team was already winning 40-14 at this point in the third quarter, so the decision was made to just call it with only one net left to play on.


Not too long ago, I wrote a post about how we will never see a shattered backboard in the NBA ever again. Apparently, high school gyms haven’t taken the time to make those upgrades just yet – and there are good reasons for that.


  1. This is high school, not college.
  2. Most high schoolers can’t even touch the rim. How are they gonna dunk?
  3. These are kids, not grown-ass men. Odds are someone in high school wouldn’t be able to dunk with enough force to break a backboard anyway.
  4. Most gyms already have breakaway rims. But bro, that’s a breakaway rim.


Source: twitter


To add insult to injury, Heritage was playing at Evans High School, which means that in addition to the L, Evans also needs to get a new basketball net.