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Hip Hop Fashion Trends From The 2000s

Ben Migono / November 14, 2016

A lot of these trends and fads were made popular by those in the Hip Hop and Rap culture, especially from the music videos that hit MTV, BET and Much Music. These were the images and styles that influenced a culture, that many of us tried pulling off. We look back at some of these now and laugh, but back then, these things were lit.


Adidas super stars


Some of the freshest style kicks that one had to get. I remember having 3 pairs of these in high school.



Fitted Caps (with the sticker kept on)


Caps were a sure sign of being cool. It didn’t matter if you watched baseball or not, you just needed a hat to match your outfit. (Here’s a funny Key & Peele sketch about the ridiculousness of how authentic hats needed to be)



Velour suits


These were all about style, luxury and comfort back in the days.


Source: Complex

Source: Complex


Baggy jeans and Extra large clothing


This was a staple. Size small and medium and large were never options. Go big or go home.




Headbands and Sweatbands


Even if you weren’t athletic, you just needed to wear one. Bonus points if it matched your outfit.





They actually seem very practical, but maybe not the stylish way they were worn.


Source: Complex

Source: Complex


Throwback jerseys


The style was to have a basketball jersey (preferably a retro jersey of a great NBA player) thrown on top of a white tee. Even better if you could get a matching cap or headband or doo rag.



air force ones


Another pair of kicks that were part of all hip hop and basketball culture. If there was an entire song and music video about the shoe, you knew this was big.



trucker hats


Pretty sure everyone who wore one had never been behind an 18-wheeler, but this was a cool thing to rock, and you could even customize the front or find one with a cool logo.


Source: The Loop

Source: The Loop


Rapper Clothing Lines


Many rappers at the time started developing their own clothing lines, from Jay-Z (Rocawear), to P Diddy (Sean John), to Nelly (Vokal), to 50 Cent (G-Unit) to even Eminem (Shady Limited).



Tall tees


Not sure how, and not sure why, but these tall tees became the norm for all rappers and gangsters, and became the staple thing to wear.




polos with popped collars


Stars like Kanye West and Three 6 Mafia made this fad extremely popular, as did the rise of retail chains like Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. A weird combination.



Timberland Boots


These boots showed who had swag, style, and money.


Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest


Bubble jackets and Bubble vests

They came in so many different colours and kept you warm in the winter months. Some people still wear them today, like Drake.


Source: skis.com

Source: skis.com