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How Fallen Kicker Sam Foltz Was Honored

Ben Migono / September 28, 2016

Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler, a former punter for Michigan State, both died when they were involved in a car crash on July 25, 2016. The pair were taking part in a kicking camp in Wisconsin and were returning home when the accident took place. It was a single-vehicle crash in which their vehicle lost control and hit a tree. On Saturday, September 4th, 2016, Nebraska took to the field with heavy hearts – the first game back without Foltz. On their opening drive, they were forced to punt. However, the team only sent ten men on to the field with their 11th spot empty as that was the spot for their late teammate.



The Huskars took a penalty as a result of the tribute (delay-of-game), but Fresno State declined out of respect. Many fans applauded Fresno State for their gesture, and the team made a public statement on their Facebook page after the game.



The post has garnered over 18,000 reactions (16,000 were likes), 1,600 shares and more than 300 comments already. Although the Fresno State Bulldogs lost the game 43-10, they definitely won the hearts of many fans with their sportsmanship.


Featured image via omaha.com (Megan Farmer/The World-Herald)