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How #HurtBae Rocked The Internet

Arin Spits / February 22, 2017


If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you’ve been cheated on, it sucks. Here’s a scene (from The Scene) where two exes, Kourtney and Leonard, came together to discuss how the cheating came about and how it affected their relationship. The clip is a look into the vulnerability that comes with being in a relationship. While you leave yourself open to being loved, there’s also the distinct possibility of being hurt and left with emotional wounds that may never heal. Once you watch the video you’ll understand.


The video starts and it gets right to the point as she asks, “What did you do?” Kourtney tries to point on a brave front, but when Leonard answers that he had sex with other girls, the anguish in her face is heartbreaking.



They start by reminiscing about how they first met. As he describes the past, you can see that Kourtney still has fond memories of that time. And while we get to see a brief glimpse of their happiness, you remember that the relationship ended due to infidelity.


The most crushing part of the video is how she describes walking in on him with other girl, only to be told to leave. She cried all night.



If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kourtney asks how many times Leonard cheated. He cheated so many times that he said, “I wasn’t counting.” This was supposed to give her some kind of closure, but instead it was like getting stabbed in the heart with a rusty screwdriver. I would’ve gotten up and left too.



Leonard admits that the cheating had a lot to do with his inability to commit. He goes on to say that Kourtney did everything she could to be a good girlfriend, and he was lucky to have her. She says she forgave him and didn’t think he was a bad guy. He wasn’t expecting that and asked why.


“Because you were my best friend.”



By the end of the video, the pair come to grips that the relationship is over. While it’s not a happy ending, they still talk regularly while living in different states.


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