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HP SPECTRE X360: The Best 2016 Windows Laptop

Shelby Chau / December 21, 2016

It’s hard to find the best of anything because everyone is different and have different preferences. The same can be said for laptops. In this piece, the HP Spectre x360 gets the nod for being 2016’s best Windows-based laptop. If you’re a gamer, you can probably find more powerful systems to suit your needs, but if you’re working on-the-go a lot, there’s not a lot of negative things that can be said about this laptop.


It has everything you need – it’s light (weighs only 2.85 pounds), it’s thin (the thickest point only measures 13.8mm), and the battery life is nothing to scoff at. It’s able to fit a 13.3” screen in a form factor that would normally house a 12” screen. It comes with a 1080p IPS touchscreen display and the body is constructed entirely of aluminum. It’s simple, sleek, and beautiful, something you’d definitely want if you’re spending over $1,000 USD.


Source: theverge


According to The Verge writer, Dan Seifert, he was able get 14 hours in a Chrome-based rundown test and just under 15.5 hours using Microsoft Edge. He could get a full day of work out of this laptop without needing to plug it in. This is a huge selling point if you ask me!


If you’re contemplating a purchase, you want to make sure you get the model(s) that come with the 7th generation Intel Core i5/i7 processors. If you get a 6th gen processor it’s an older model of the x360 and you certainly want to get the thinner, more lightweight versions.


Featured image via theverge