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Instagram Brings Selfie Filters, Is Now Essentially Snapchat

Shelby Chau / May 17, 2017

Instagram is now essentially Snapchat as the social image sharing platform has now copied the final big feature that sets Snapchat apart by bringing selfie filters in augmented reality. If you’ve used Snapchat before, the filters act the same.


TechCrunch was able to get a demo to try out the features first hand, but they stated that Instagram’s version doesn’t track a user’s movements as well nor does it stay focused on your face as well as Snapchat’s.


The latest update from Instagram comes after a line of updates which came out to compete directly against Snapchat including slideshow-esque sharing, disappearing messages, creative tools to overlay images and videos, and so on. With Instagram being a big player in social image sharing, users are finding fewer and fewer reasons to go on Snapchat when Instagram basically does the same thing now.



Instagram is positioning themselves to be the one-stop shop for visual communication, regardless of a users age. There’s Instagram main image sharing feature, Boomerang, Instagram Direct, and now Face Filters.


The initial set of filters Bunny, Butterfly Crown, Ice Crown, Makeup, Gold Crown, Peacock, Koala, and Nerd Glasses. They won’t transform a user’s face as dramatically as Snapchat does, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, being that it’s more mature and artful, this might actually draw in more adult users.


Your move, Snapchat.


Images via techcrunch