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Is Your Country The Best In The World? P.S. It’s Not The United States

Diana Rolland / March 8, 2017

While the U.S. had the #4 spot in the previous year, they dropped down to the 7th spot this go around. Although the United States is still viewed as the most powerful country in the world, many respondents (75% to be clear) stated that they lost some respect for the nation due to the toxic tone of the presidential campaign in 2016. However, the overall consensus is that there’s a leadership crisis across the globe – not just in the U.S. Close to two-thirds agree moderately to strongly that there’s a leadership crisis in the world right now.


Taking the No. 1 overall spot as the best country in the world is Switzerland. The European country is rated favorably for its cultural influence, the quality of life it provides for its citizens, being open for business, an environment which encourages entrepreneurship, and its citizenship. Switzerland was not previously ranked, so making their debut at the #1 spot says a lot about how people around the world view this country.



Canada and the UK remained at #2 and #3, respectively, the same spots they held in 2016. Germany, the previous #1 in the world, fell down to #4, the spot previously held by the United States. Japan rose two spots to #5 and Sweden dropped a spot to end up at #6, just ahead of the USA at #7. Australia moves up two spots from #8 to #6 while France moved up a spot from #9 to #8. Norway was also not previously ranked, but makes the final spot in the world’s Top 10.


The survey was conducted by a partnership between U.S. News, global brand consultants BAV Consulting, and the Wharton School from the University of Pennsylvania. The results were gathered from over 21,000 respondents across 36 countries from around the world.


Featured image via britannica EF-EL/Fotolia