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Jacket Transforms Into Tent and Sleeping Bag

Diana Rolland / March 1, 2017

Fashion student, Angela Luna, came up with the idea of blending together fashion design, product design, and addressing social needs and created Adiff. Adiff is a humanitarian fashion startup that cares about social issues and wants to raise awareness while creating innovative products that help people in need.


After doing a lot of research, Angela was first moved by seeing the refugee crisis, and those who had to travel long distances and in different types of conditions. Being a fashion student, she wanted to use her skills to help address a lot of these issues.



Seeing refugees have to travel by boat, or travel both during the day and at night, being noticeable, but also at times, needing to hide, she began designing transformable clothing that could respond immediately to these needs.


Luna designed lightweight, durable, and waterproof garments that had reflective materials, and other garments that could convert into tents, sleeping bags, and more. The key was to develop clothing that could instantly adapt to different situations and different environments.



This multi-functional outerwear is ultimately designed to provide shelter, safety, comfort, as well as to raise awareness for the crisis we face today with many people in need, whether it may be the homeless community, or refugees. These garments are currently available for consumer purchase, and for every jacket that is bought, a jacket will be donated to those who need it.


All garments are built to withstand numerous environments, and come in one size, which makes them great for campers, hikers and bikers.



The Adiff collection includes tent jackets that can be converted into large and small tents fitting up to 5 people. There are also backpack jackets that transform into a cape for added warmth or into a sleeping bag or large blanket.


Angela continues to use fashion to help people and is changing the fashion industry with her work.


She has already exceeded her goal of $60,000 on Kickstarter, with over $80,000 pledged for the reversible jacket. For more information, you can check out Adiff.


Featured image via Angela Luna