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James Corden Becomes Blake Griffin’s Life Coach For a Day

Ben Migono / March 20, 2017

What an experience it was for NBA All-Star and Los Angeles Clippers power forward, Blake Griffin, who had the privilege of having James Corden become his new life coach for the day.


After waking Griffin up with an air horn, Corden started his life coaching off with some nutritional help, blending some special ingredients together for a magical and life changing mixture in this hilarious video.


Corden then gave Griffin some basketball coaching tips, by teaching the NBA star some visualization techniques and some tips to use in game.



Later in the day, life coach, Corden revamps Griffin’s wardrobe with some new style, and flavor, presenting some new attire to help the professional athlete’s image.


In a branding meeting, James Corden offered up some truly out of the box ideas for Blake Griffin’s personal branding, coming up with some hilarious and witty nicknames like ‘The Blake a Wish Foundation’!



Comparing himself to Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt and Tiger Woods, life coach James Corden took his pupil to the gym, where Blake got a chance to get back at the Talk Show host.


Griffin ended up getting his revenge by leaving Corden in a cryochamber full of nitrogen, where the pro basketball player was able to get away, leaving his unorthodox life coach to freeze.