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James Corden Destroys Ice Cube In Basketball

Diana Rolland / February 18, 2017

Haters will say it’s photoshopped. In this case, video edited.


On The Late Late Show, host James Corden invited guests Ike Barinholtz and Ice Cube where they discussed things like their new business idea and their 40th birthday celebrations. It was a fun time with actor and comedian, Ike, best known for his role as a member on MADtv, and with rapper, and actor, Ice Cube.



Ice Cube also had some time to share some romantic tips for the Valentine’s season, after having been married to his wife for almost 25 years. Ice Cube goes on to share his major key to a lasting marriage, and it’s not exactly what you may have thought it’d be. Clearly, Ike and James need to step up their game if they want to have a long beautiful marriage like Ice Cube has.



However, the best part of the segment was when James Corden challenged Ice Cube to a game of basketball . They geared up and headed to the outdoor roof top court where things got heated. It was an interesting dual, but Ice Cube started the game with a lead.



Then, with the magic of video editing, James Corden hilariously won. You have to see it for yourself in the video below. It may not have been the most accurate depiction of the match, but it definitely brought out the laughs.



I guess “Pictures or no proof” can’t really be said this time around.