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James Corden Performs Beauty and the Beast Live At A Crosswalk

Diana Rolland / March 18, 2017

James Corden is up to more theatrical antics, but this time he is accompanied by his own theater company to perform a live musical version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, however, the live show takes place in the middle of an intersection.


Titled, ‘Crosswalk the musical: Beauty and the Beast’ Corden and his team of singers and dancers are also joined by cast members from the new live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film, Josh Gad, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, who play LeFou, the Beast, and Gaston respectively.


The hilarious video takes place outside of the CBS studios, where James whips his theater company into shape and leads them through a series of warm ups and exercises before bringing them into musical boot camp. We also get to see the behind the scenes as Corden has his moments giving different pep talks and fun exchanges with Gad, Stevens, and Evans.



Corden and his cast then recreated scenes and performed all our favorites from the movie, such as Belle, Gaston, Be Our Guest, and Beauty and the Beast, all taking place at the intersection of Beverly Blvd and Genesee Ave, during the crosswalk. Each time the lights would soon change, the cast would run off and back to the sidewalk with cars honking.


Consisting of costumes, props, backdrops, singers, and dancers, the live performances were definitely a treat for all the commuters who had to wait at the red light. It was just probably not enjoyable for those who were commuting and were already late and being held up by this over-the-top musical performance.


Too bad Emma Watson didn’t join in the fun, but James Corden definitely made us all laugh and did his best to play the part of Belle.


Featured image via CBS