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Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon Have Hilarious Dance Battle

Shelby Chau / March 3, 2017

We’ve seen some funny dance moves based on random things, like changing a light bulb, starting a lawn mower, or even putting items in your shopping cart, but those are things of the past.


On the Tonight Show, singer, dancer, and actress, Jennifer Lopez joined talk show host, Jimmy Fallon for an entertaining night.


The two participated in a dance battle, taking turns drawing random acts out of a bag. Jimmy and J-Lo went head to head showing us some hilarious dance moves they had to create on the spot based on random things such as putting on skinny jeans, and a washer machine on spin cycle.



The two eventually joined forces and gave us an impromptu dance moves based on spectators who discover they’re on the jumbotron.


In addition to dancing and giving us some laughs, Jennifer also sat down with the host and chatted. J-Lo shared about her last time working with Jimmy Fallon, and parenting and what her kids are interested in. She also talked about her shows in Las Vegas, and mentioned her biggest fan of all, her mom.



In fact in the video below, Jennifer’s mom even makes an appearance and shows us some dance moves from J-Lo’s routines.


Later on, Jenny from the Block also talks about her role on the NBC TV series, Shades of Blue, where she plays a single mother and NYPD detective who is part of a precinct of corrupt cops.



The show’s actually really intense, and you can see a glimpse of that just by watching this awesome trailer for season 2 of Shades of Blue.



As a 47 year old singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author, producer, TV personality, and mother of two, there really is nothing J-Lo can’t do.