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Jojo is Perfectly Herself in New Album ‘Mad Love’

Shelby Chau / November 4, 2016

Jojo continues to demonstrate her range in the versatile sounds that make up her third album ‘Mad Love’. Sticking to her roots with R&B and Pop, but experimenting with doses of Soul, House and Electronic, ‘Mad Love’ finds new ways to connect with its listener through each song.


The last time we had an album release from Jojo was 10 years ago with “High Road”. Post album release, Jojo was entangled in what seemed to be a never ending legal battle with her record label, Blackground Records, who prevented her from releasing new music.


During this time Jojo was able stay relevant through several notable mixtapes including, “Can’t Take that Away From Me” and “Agape”. Her mixtapes were a departure from her label albums which previously featured G-Rated lyrical content. In this same time period, she released the female rebuttal to Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” renamed “Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better)” which now has over 43 million views.



Fast forward 10 years, post Blackground, Jojo releases the sassy, ”F*ck Apologies” featuring Wiz Khalifa. An effortless, confident and in your face transition from her last label record, “High Road”, as if she never left. The new album also has cameos from Alessia Cara on “I Can Only” and Remy Ma on “FAB”.



Her latest album features mature lyrics and topics including family, love, mental health and addiction which really paint a picture of what Jojo has experienced and who she has become.


The album manages to stay trendy in its production, but is able to stand out in its diversity of transitions from Pop to Soul to House and back again, while maintaining her R&B roots. Jojo is unapologetically herself in this album, and has mastered her vocal range and content in this musical diary.


Stand out Tracks include:





A very emotional and honest reflection of her coming of age in between “High Road” and “Mad Love”.




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The lyrics, vocals and production are beautiful, bright and bold.


I Can Only


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Alessia Cara lends her vocals to this track which is definitely a ‘girls night out’ anthem. Continuing her sexy, sassy and savvy theme that is perfectly woven throughout this album.


Good Thing


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The house instrumental gives us serious Robin S “Show Me Love” vibes.


Score: 4/5


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