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Kevin Spacey’s Troubles Getting Worse

Arin Spits / October 31, 2017

Looks like Kevin Spacey’s troubles ate about to get worse before they get better. Less than 24 hours after the streaming giant announced that the sixth season of the political drama House of Cards would be its final one, Netflix has halted the filming of the show indefinitely.


The news was made to the cast and crew on Tuesday morning after allegations surfaced of unwanted sexual advances by House of Cards star Kevin Spacey against Anthony Rapp who was 14-years old at the time in 1986.


Netflix is said to be deeply troubled by the allegations made against Spacey and will be taking its time to review the matter. Whether the show actaully gets cancelled is another story.


And then there’s Spacey’s highly criticized timing of announcing his homosexuality. As a part of an apology in the wake of these allegations, stars were quick to voice their displeasure of his tactics to try to shift the focus from his sexual misconduct to that of his orientation.



As you can see below, there’s a time to do things, and then there’s this.



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Featured image via EW