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Kid Finds Winning Lottery Scratch Card And Does Something Remarkable

Arin Spits / December 1, 2016

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in mid-October while their American neighbors to the south, have theirs in late November. With Christmas approaching, it’s that time of year for reflection, for everyone to count their blessings, to share in moments where we give thanks, and to show appreciation for our loved ones and strangers alike.


Instilling values in youngsters at an early age is paramount to them becoming well-mannered, functional members of society. Some kids are brats, who grow up to be bratty adults, who then have bratty kids, and so on and so on the story goes in a never-ending cycle. Small acts of humanity could stop this cycle in it’s tracks.  



Source: People


Here’s a touching story about a 7-year old girl by the name of Phoebe Brown who’s from Independence, Missouri, USA. Phoebe is only in the second grade, but she did something so kind that it should make adults everywhere take note and step up their game. While out shopping with her mother, she found a lottery ticket on the ground inside of a Hy-Vee store just off US Highway 40. To her surprise, the ticket was a winner – not the quit-your-job-and-move kind of money – but something better than most: $100. Now, most kids would have rushed off to their local video game or candy shop, but she didn’t. Instead, she chose to do something remarkable and selfless.



Her elementary school was collecting canned food and that’s what Phoebe wanted to do with her new found money. She bought a bunch of groceries and donated them to the food drive. A teacher at the school (Herb Horseman) pledged to shave off his beard if the school reached their goal, and her donation made sure the whiskers went bye-bye!



The school’s food drive netted a total of 1,700 cans and Phoebe’s grade was responsible for nearly 550 of that. Absolutely phenomenal Phoebe, good for you!  


It would benefit everyone if we would just keep the words of a famous film duo in our hearts and “be excellent to each other.” Yeah, that’s right, I just quoted Bill and Ted, but it’s true that if everyone spent some time to show another person a little bit of compassion, the world would be in a better place.