Editors' Choice

Kinetic 3D Art Display Show Optical Illusions

Diana Rolland / January 20, 2017

A mirage is usually something we may think we see, like an optical illusion of seeing water in the desert, but this is actually a real life example of an optical illusion in the desert.


As a collaboration between Megavision Arts, Art Director Vincent Rogozyk, Fahad Signature and Maciej Balauszko and Michal Czubak, the group came up with the art installation in the deserts of Doha, Qatar, titled The Infinity Wall.


The Santa Monica based visual media design collective was recruited for this project as they specialize in creating video projection content to transform environments.



Using 3D video projection, Megavision Arts helped create some amazing visuals to create some 3D optical illusions using kinetic motion.


Displayed on a fabric covered wall, the Infinity Wall spans as long as a football field and is as high as 30 feet. With the kinetic art projected, it gives a visual effects like giant moving piano keys and helixes.


In fact, there are 4 basic visual scenes that were developed. Optical waves, ribbon architecture, piano tiles, and the involuted helix, each synchronized with sound effects.


The art installation was first shown to 1200 guests as entertainment, planned by Fahad Signature.