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Laser Cutting Machine Is So Satisfying to Watch

Shelby Chau / December 16, 2016

Now, this is cutting edge technology. These amazing laser cutting and engraving machines are just so satisfying to watch.


Built by Boss Laser, there are many different products used to cut or engrave, sold for both personal and industrial use.


The laser machines house a tiny laser which can make extremely precise cuts. The laser can cut through materials such as wood, stone, paper, leather and steel. The laser just needs to be programmed with different power and speed settings to adjust for the different materials. Each machine also uses a water chiller, air compressor and electricity to power the laser.


Laser Cutting Paper Demo


Geared towards hobbyists, artists, schools and businesses, these laser machines are great for art, crafts, gifts, wedding invitations, decorations, personalizing items, and more.


These lasers can also engrave materials, which is helpful for customizing and personalizing, as long as you can vectorize your designs on a computer screen through their software. The design files are then transferred to the machine via USB.


Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Demo


Based in the US, Boss Laser was established in 2012 and have operations in Sanford, Florida, and Alberta, Canada. They sell machines, accessories and software. They also have many ‘how to’ video tutorials that provide different types of laser cutting or engraving solutions.


These machines aren’t cheap, so you’ll have to save up if you’re really thinking about getting one.


Check out their website here for more information.


Featured image via Boss Laser