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Life of the Party Is Still Stupid Fun

Diana Rolland / May 16, 2018

Despite a disappointing box office haul, Life of the Party is still stupid fun. It’s not perfect, but Melissa McCarthys’ new comedy about a mom heading back to college to live with her (unfortunate) daughter and her sorority after an unexpected separation from her husband is funnier than we would have expected.

Life of the Party only secured $18.5 million at the box office, despite its status as the sole comedy on the docket at most theaters on Mother’s Day Weekend. Industry observers speculate that the movie underperformed due to a relatively mild PG-13 rating, while McCarthy is best known for raunchy R-rated comedies, and stiff competition from the indomitable Avengers: Infinity War. It doesn’t help that expectations were high due to the (relatively) larger budget of $30 million.

We hope that this film has legs, however, because Life of the Party is surprisingly good. While it’s not the gross-out spectacle of Bridesmaids, this movie has plenty of crazy situations and laugh-or-you-might-gag zingers. It also has a surprising heart; this the story of a mid-life crisis from a middle-aged mom’s point of view, rather than that of the slimy man-child we’ve seen so often before. Maya Rudoph and Gillian Jacobs are at their best as McCarthy’s friends, old and new. Ultimately, this is a sweet look at female friendship, growth, and endurance.

Check out Life of the Party, now in theatres.