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Life-Sized Building Blocks To Transform Your Space

Diana Rolland / February 1, 2017

For many of us growing up, we had Lego to play with. Small awesome building blocks used to create castles, fortresses, spaceships, cities and more. It was an opportunity as a child to express our creativity and imagination in the form of building blocks. The truth is, it still is today.


In fact, that’s what EverBlock Systems is in the business of. The New York based company manufactures, sells, and rents out life-sized modular plastic building blocks for just that reason. To let you use them in creative ways.


Just like Lego, they stack, connect, and are pieced together in any way you might think of, and because they are life-sized blocks, they can be used in our everyday lives to transform your living space.



The EverBlock modular building system has been used to build things like desks, walls, stands, shelves, counters, decor, tables, booths, platforms, displays, podiums, benches, dividers, bed frames, and props. You can also add things like attachable sliding doors or shelving units to your creations.


Based on our childhood building blocks, each piece is a hollow plastic block containing bi-lateral support ribs for extra strength. They also provide a tight fit in order to connect firmly with other pieces above or below.


The wonder of these life-sized blocks are the endless possibilities and ease of use. You can reuse these blocks over and over again to assemble different things, and for different occasions, whether it may be at home, at work, trade shows, or special events.


Here’s an example of how they were used to build an apartment divider wall.



The blocks come in full-size (12″), half-size (6″), quarter-size (3″), and a finishing cap (12″), and are available in 15 standard colours. Made out of hi-impact polypropylene co-polymer these blocks are light, durable, water resistant and easy to clean and do not require any glue, adhesive, use of tools or any other equipment.


To get your hands on these blocks, you can purchase or rent them from EverBlock, who also provide design and installation services, consultation and other customized solutions.