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Love Actually 2 To Be Aired on Red Nose Day

Steve Porter / May 11, 2017

Get excited because we’re getting a Love Actually sequel!


It’s been fourteen years since the Christmas-themed rom com favorite, Love Actually came out, after after many teases and rumors, we have a poster, a trailer, and an air date for the short film sequel.


For many fans, we finally get to know what happened to our favorite characters.



The special sequel with a runtime of only 15 minutes will be a perfect short film that gives us just enough, without having to prove itself at the box office, and become something bigger than it needs to be.


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The sequel is titled Red Nose Day Actually, and it features pretty much the entire original cast. This is the first time in 14 years that the main cast is reunited and it’s done for a good cause, raising money for those in need on Red Nose Day. Though new to the U.S., Red Nose Day has been in the works in the U.K. for over three decades.


The Love Actually 2 sequel will premiere in the U.S. on NBC, during the Red Nose Day 2017 special on May 25.


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Red Nose Day is a biennial telethon as part of the charitable work of Comic Relief, which was very popular in the 80s. Comic Relief was an annual HBO special which featured some of the biggest stand-up comedians at the time, for a single event, in support of alleviating homelessness.


Love Actually director, Richard Curtis, was actually one of the founding fathers for this initiative, so it’s no surprise he’s getting involved again.