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Mad Scientist Builds Hover Bike In His Shed

Ben Migono / January 27, 2017

We’ve all dreamed of hover bikes and hover cars and have seen them in movies and shows, but one guy actually built one of his own.


Born in 1979, British internet inventor Colin Furze is both a mad scientist and YouTube star, with over 4 million subscribers, having come up with the craziest and coolest inventions out there, but that’s not all. He also films everything and explains how he created everything in hopes to inspire others.


He wasn’t always an inventor. Furze left school as a teenager to become a plumber. Since then though, his creativity and curiosity has led him to build things from the world’s fastest stroller, to a jet powered go-kart, to even magnetic shoes.


He posts his videos where he explains each step of the process from initial idea to taking flight.


Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


The crazy part is that he just builds these things in his shed, with no engineering experience or training. In this video, he builds a hover bike and demonstrates how it takes flight.


It’s quite a feat, considering it’s his first ever attempt at building any type of flying invention, and funny enough he developed it with no steering, no brakes and no seat.


It’s awesome that this idea was generated by asking fans and followers what he should come up with, asking viewers to submit ideas for him to create and develop.



The video was published April 28, 2016, and currently has almost 18 million views and this particular project was sponsored by Ford and the Unlearn campaign.


This guy is truly an inspiration. He’s extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, and there doesn’t seem to be any idea he isn’t willing to try.


Check out his website or YouTube channel to see more of his brilliance and his creations.