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Mayweather vs. McGregor Set For August 26, 2017

Ben Migono / June 15, 2017



After months of back and forth bickering trying to get this fight off the ground, former five-division boxing champion Floyd Mayweather will be coming out of retirement to fight UFC superstar Conor McGregor on August 26th. The venue is the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.


Both athletes announced the fight on the respective social media channels, and while Mayweather took the standard route. McGregor took the opportunity to troll the undefeated boxer with a glorious tweet.



McGregor decided to put a picture of Floyd Mayweather Sr. up instead, who’s actually 64-years old. While Mayweather Jr. isn’t there quite yet, he’s still 12 years older than the 28-year old MMA fighter he’s going up against. But make no mistake, McGregor is fighting the uphill battle here. Mayweather Jr. is 49-0 and this upcoming fight is a boxing match. There’s no take-downs, no grappling, just straight stand up. And While McGregor certainly has knockout power, we’ll have to wait and see if his power can catch up to Mayweather’s speed.


Anyone else hear that Rocky music playing in the background?