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Mayweather vs. McGregor: The Aftermath

Ben Migono / August 28, 2017

Aptly titled ‘The Money Fight’, Floyd Mayweather took on Conor McGregor in Las Vegas on Saturday night and while the outcome was more or less decided before the opening bell rang, it wasn’t a boring fight by any means.


Mayweather had his perfect 49-0 record and the integrity of boxing to fight for while McGregor was fighting for pride and mostly his fans (not to mention a boatload of money). The fight wasn’t knockdown, drag-out fight, and the fight wasn’t finished in the first round. At the end of the night, Mayweather won an improved his unbeaten record to 50-0, McGregor wasn’t knocked out but he was left wobbly which left the referee with little choice but to stop the fight.


By all accounts, McGregor did well for himself. He was an MMA fighter who was fighting out of his element, but he didn’t embarrass himself. Many thought he took the first 3 rounds, but that’s because it was Mayweather’s strategy all along. When he figured out what McGregor’s style, Floyd’s strategy became crystal clear. His ability to control the pace meant that McGregor would tire himself out, and that’s when Mayweather would up the tempo. Conor talked a big game all the way up to the fight and even showed some spirit to kick off the main event. However, it was clear that Mayweather was undefeated for a reason, and it was going to be a miracle if the MMA champ was to pull a victory out of thin air.


The fight ended in a TKO in favor of Floyd Mayweather, but the real winners here are the fans (especially if they watched it live), and of course, the Internet. Since the fight lasted 10 rounds, the opportunities for memes were plentiful.



Featured image via businessinsider (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)